Books & Other Resources

Here are some of my favourite book & other resources for grief support, collected over the years, and most revisited over and over again.  Many other resources can be by googling “grief and loss”



Being A Wounded Healer

Smith, Douglas C. – Psycho-Spiritual Publications 1999
These two short stories help the youngest persons make some sense of loss

Water Bugs and Dragonflies:Explaining Death to Young Children

Stickney, Doris – Pilgrim Press 2004
This quick read is an easy guide to understanding how children grieve

Falling Apart in One Piece

Morrison, Stacy – Simon & Schuster 2010
This book presents as a detailed and informative step by step guide to moving towards healthy relationships.

Andrew, You Died Too Soon

Chilstrom, Corinne – Augsburg 1993
Another top of the list is this book that brings me back to its pages to soften and bring comfort to my heart

Reawakening to Life

Berry, Mary Ellen & Berry Carmen Renee – Crossroad Publishing Company 2002
A boost to the spirit this book shares insight into how to heal

Grieving:Our Path Back to Peace

Arnold,Johann Christopher – Bethany House Publishers 1997
This easy to read book holds a personal account of grief following the death of a spouse, chronicled in month by month accounts through that first year.

The Grieving Time

Brooks, Anne. Dial Press, 1985
This book shares a personal journey from loss of a husband to a new beginning

That’s Me!

Zaat, Steve & Rose, Sue – 2008
This book contains personal stories of people who have experienced loss, collected by a pastor. I beautiful book easy to read and packed with unique stories that express a common thread

Jesus Wept

This account of loss and recovery is a true and personal account that I have repeatedly referred to as a great narration but also a learning tool.

What on Earth do You Do When Someone Dies

Romain, Trevor, free spirit publishing 1999
A more detailed and straightforward book on interacting with children about loss

Helping Children Grieve when someone they love dies

Huntley, Theresa M Augsburg Books 2002
From an author/Rabbi who has lost a child this book offers a guide to coping with this huge loss

The Fall of Freddy the Leaf

Buscaglia, Leo PhD, Slack Incorporated.
Don’t let this simple story fool you. Intended for children….many adults have been moved by this book

To Take Away the Hurts

Weedn, Flavia – Cedco Publishing Company 2001
Divorce is particularly difficult to journey through. This author is very candid about her experiences. She draws you in while educating the reader.

After the Darkest Hour the Sun Will Shine Again

Kushner, Harold S, Fireside 1997
This illustrative book comes with a CD and was written to console grieving parents.

Healing Conversations ~what to say when you don’t know what to say

Guilmartin, Nance – Jossey-Bass 2002
This is not a grief book per say but it sure has bright nuggets throughout. An easy read by one of my favourite authors

Moving On

Friedman, Russell & James, John W. – Evans 2006
All these books have been my favourites. This book tops my list in providing me with insight into suicide. Informative read and a reference to be revisited